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These Boots Are Made For ...

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These Boots Are Made For ...

Boots form a protective barrier on the horses legs to prevent knocks and injuries, either from their other legs or external elements. The various forms are suited to different disciplines and activities. The question is, which ones do you need?

Brushing Boots

Used to protect the lower part of the horses front and back legs from knocks and strikes from the opposite leg or hoof during exercise or turnout, known as brushing. Brushing boots also protect the splint bone which can be prone to injury. They’re a hard working boot for everyday use, meaning they need to be durable and made to withstand daily graft but still soft, lightweight & breathable on the horse’s legs for schooling, competition and turnout. LeMieux brushing boots are available as Grafter boots for every day and matchy matchy use, mesh brushing boots for warmer weather or extra breathability or Pro Shell for extra protection from heavy brushing.

Polo Bandages

The polo bandage is a type of exercise bandage designed to be used without additional padding. So-called because of being used in polo matches but they can also be used on horses for schooling. The most important thing is that they’re put on correctly, without being too tight or too loose, as wrinkle-free as possible and applied evenly. LeMieux polo bandages are designed to co-ordinate perfectly with the full LeMieux saddle pad range in either Classic or Loire styles.

Carbon Mesh Wrap Boots

The LeMieux Carbon Mesh Wrap Boots are the perfect combination boot, providing the support of polo bandages with the protection of brushing boots. Made from perforated 3D mesh, these boots are even more lightweight and breathable to keep tendons cool during work. The stretch cotton inner lining is quick drying, while the wrap round style offers a close but soft and flexible fit. The Carbon Mesh Boots can be worn on front or hind legs and are available in colours to match your LeMieux Saddle Pads. Not suited to horses that brush heavily.

Fleece Lined Boots

With luxurious soft fleece lining and a grained faux-leather outer, this range of boots has a high quality finish with performance benefits. Ultra soft lining prevents rubbing & evens out pressure whilst supporting the lower limb and protecting against brushing. Ideal for schooling, turnout, warming up or riding pretty much anywhere!

Fleece Edge Boots

An alternative option is the Fleece edge boots, combining mesh brushing boots with fleece, the best combination for comfort and breathability. An ideal solution for sensitive skinned horses or when fully lined fleece boots prove too much bulk or warmth. Lightweight, perforated 3D mesh encourages airflow inside the boot keeping legs cool. Edged with super soft fleece to prevent rubbing and maximise comfort.

Schooling Boots

The faux leather outer gives these boots a high quality feel, whilst being ideal for schooling and general work. They are especially good for dressage work involving more intense lateral work as they are highly protective all round boots, contoured to fit joints and tendons in the lower leg. The flexible memory TPU strike proof shell is integrated between shock absorbent lining for extra protection.

Support Boots

Another combination boot combing the support of a bandage with the protection of a boot – arguably the best all round boot for turnout, schooling or competition and suitable for use on front and hind legs. They’re lightweight and protective but allow flexibility of movement. Specifically offering more support to the fetlock and tendon and made from perforated Airprene lining which allows all round ventilation and prevents rubbing and sweat build up.

Ultra Support Boots

The Ultra Support Boots build on the tried & tested LeMieux Support Boot design with an additional lower wrapround sling-strap, providing an enhanced level of support to the fetlock and tendons. Designed specifically to protect suspensory & digital flexor tendons from hyper-extension and support the joint when under pressure, which makes these boots ideal post injury and for rehab. They can also be used as a preventative measure for older or more vulnerable horses & ponies. Recommended by many vets and physiotherapists.