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A Q&A with Ellie McCarthy

Words byLeMieux
A Q&A with Ellie McCarthy
We caught up with GB U25s Dressage Team rider Ellie McCarthy at her yard in the New Forest to learn more about what she likes to do out the saddle, as well as what helps her in the saddle! As well as a surprising discipline she’d be doing if it wasn’t for dressage. Here’s what Ellie had to say…

What are three essentials you bring to every horse show (These don’t have to be LeMieux items)?

My LeMieux soundproof ears, white suede LeMieux saddle pad and my favourite Kask hats.

If you were to choose another discipline, what would it be?

Definitely reining! I fell in love with it when I friend let me ride her WEG reiner a few times. I follow it closely on social media.

What is your favourite Equestrian event for shopping?

Probably any of the bigger shows I’ve been to abroad. They have so many brands we don’t have here in the U.K. and it’s nice to see variation! I once competed in Paris and the shopping there was like nothing I’ve ever seen!!

If you had to pick another career, what would it be?

I’ve always liked the thought of acting if I had to choose another career

What is your top “life hack” for the yard/competition?

My life hack for yard/competition is be organised and prepare well in advance! There’s nothing worse than being at a show and panicking about how much time you’ve got and running out of time.

Give us your top 4 famous guests at your dream dinner party?

I’ve always wondered what I would answer to this question, but I honestly would rather have my friends or family

Do you get competition nerves? How do you deal with these?

I used to have horrendous competition nerves when I was younger and it really effected the way I rode. But now I turn those nerves into excitement and I love it! It’s natural to be nervous before a show but how you use the nerves is what matters.

What are three non-horsey items on your bucket list?

This is a hard question because my life revolves around horses! I’ve always wanted to go to Australia!

What is your proudest moment so far?

I think my proudest moment so far has to be winning the Somerford park premier league inter 2 class with my horse Londy. It was our first premier league win and I was not expecting it whatsoever!

How do you spend time when not at the yard?

I usually spend it watching Netflix/cinema or going out for dinner!

What is your favourite food?

My favourite food is definitely a roast beef

What advice would you give someone starting out in Dressage?

Have fun and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do well! Also the judges are not out to get you, a lot of people seem to think that!

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