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Ice Boots
Everything you need to know about Ice Boots ...

Tack rooms are often bursting with boots for every occasion, yet you may be unfamiliar with ice boots or unaware of all the options. So, what exactly are they and why would your horse or pony need them?


Cold therapies have been used for centuries to help injuries and pain in humans and animals. The purpose of using cold is to break the cycle of inflammatory response before it causes cell damage.


‘Cold-hosing’ is a common practice to cool muscles, tendons and ligaments in the lower legs. But with a recommended application of up to 20 minutes, that’s a considerable drain on your time — and water. Thankfully there’s an easier and hands-free way; the ice boot.

The issues with tissues

All equines are athletes to various degrees, and not just the performance horses. Like humans, their legs can be vulnerable to injury from jumping, schooling or other intense exercises, causing small tears to tissues known as micro-trauma. It’s thought cold therapy can support them as well as more substantial tissue trauma by:


  • Promoting tissue repair and growth
  • Reducing inflammation, swelling and secondary tissue damage
  • Reducing discomfort
  • How cold therapy works

    Cooling tissues constricts blood flow. This reduces the inflammatory response which limits swelling, pain and secondary damage in new micro traumas or injuries. When the cold source is removed, tissues experience renewed circulation. White blood cells rush to the area and this promotes the healing of old injuries.


    It also aids instant comfort by creating a numbing effect and activating the production of endorphins – the natural pain-relieving hormones.

    Prevent damage - Promote healing

    From travelling and competing to rehabilitating an injury or managing chronic conditions like arthritis, reasons for using cold therapy can vary widely. That’s why we’ve designed a range of ice boots to make the support accessible for everyone.


    Arctic Ice Boots - Cool anywhere from the coronet band to the stifles with our most versatile boot that comes in one size and two colour options. The flexible straps mean they can be used on variety of horses with multiple needs.


    ProIce Freeze Boots - The removable gel insert is ideal if you’re short on freezer space - no need to find room for bulky boots. And if you’re short on time too, can fill the foil liner with ice if you haven’t had a chance to re-freeze them. Available in medium and large.


    Tendon Chill Boot - Streamlined and compact for those who don’t like bulk, our newest addition to the range offers maximum chill in the shortest time. They target the lower leg using a built-in soft gel inner for a snug fit. Available in one size.


    LeMieux ice boots freeze to a snow-like consistency so it’s easy to get a good fit. All models stay cold enough to use for up to 2 hours after leaving the freezer. This can be extended by storing them in a cool bag which is the best solution for travelling or if there’s no freezer at your yard.

    Top 5 Do’s & Don'ts

    DO - Use for around 10 minutes (up to 20 minutes) at a time. Set a reminder on your phone to remove them.


    DO - Check the fit and re-tighten for optimum contact. As the ice melts, the boot may move and need re-adjusting.


    DO - Use after hard work, or multiple times a day for injuries


    DON’T - Use on open or infected wounds, or any acute skin conditions


    DON’T – Spend ages at the hose pipe anymore!


    Always consult your vet if problems persist or you’re concerned about a new injury.