A Winter Survival Guide for Equestrians

Words byLeMieux
A Winter Survival Guide for Equestrians
Ride and Thrive Whatever the Weather

Frosty mornings may look picture perfect, but as blades of grass sparkle in sunlight, are your toes colder than ice cubes? And let’s not forget the realities of mud, rain and snow. Brrr. From being drenched by heavy showers to gale-force winds blowing you sideways, caring for horses requires endurance and a sense of humour. Wherever you keep them, it’s likely you’ll be exposed to the elements when riding or doing yard chores.


Heard the old saying ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing’? It certainly rings true for equestrians who have to look after their furry friends come rain or shine. Being cold, wet or windswept is pretty miserable, but with a few adjustments you can beat the winter blues and enjoy time with your horse whatever the weather.

Get Technical

Choose fabrics made for the job. Horse life = hard work = sweat. Sweat-wicking fabrics found in base layers remove moisture from your skin, keeping you dry and warm. Breathable, durable and waterproof materials make all the difference as you take on the great outdoors.

Forget Getting Wet

The secret to winter contentment is waterproof everything. Waterproof breeches are a game changer, no more soaking legs from a slip of the hosepipe or a rainy hack. Plus, fleece lining means they’re cosy and comfy too. Needing a robust rain mac is obvious but investing in a long riding coat can make you a whole lot happier in and out of the saddle.


Being soggy isn’t fun for horses either, protect yours with a waterproof exercise sheet when riding.

Layer Up

Wearing multiple layers keeps you warmer than a thicker, single one. That’s because warm air gets trapped between layers which acts as an insulator. Wearing a base, mid and outer layer is ideal for the yard. Spectating or teaching can get chilly as you’re not moving much so you may need additional layers, whereas schooling or chores will fire up your thermostat and you’ll be glad to remove a layer or two.


Tuck your top into your waistband to avoid chilly draughts and heat loss.

Say No to Cold Toes

Wellies that offer warmth and walkability are what you need to traipse through muddy fields, muck out and more. Features like supersoft neoprene lining for warmth and arch support and deep treads to maximise comfort and stability will make stable-life easier.


Faux Fur Turnover Welly Socks not only look chic, they stop rogue hay and bedding entering your boot - win win.

Handle with Care

Icy, numb fingers are pretty useless around the yard as well as being very uncomfortable. Because hands are invaluable for all equestrian activities, it’s important to protect them from the elements. Try well-fitting riding gloves in the saddle and work gloves when doing yard chores.


Treat hard-working hands to rich hand cream every night before bed to avoid sore, cracked skin.

Don’t Forget the Small Things

Hats, headbands, neck warmers, scarves and socks help conserve body heat and keep your extremities toasty while torches and hi-viz items keep you safe and seen.


A head torch is a practical must-have during dark winter nights.

6 LeMieux Winter Game-changers

1. Drytex Waterproof Breeches Water runs off the flexible, fleece lined fabric, keeping you warm and dry in the rain.


2. Loire Waterproof Riding Coat Ride in all weathers with this best-selling washable, waterproof coat designed with function and style in mind.


3. Stride Wellington Boots With supersoft neoprene lining, a trainer-based footbed for arch support and gel insoles, these boots keep you cosy and comfortable on the yard and beyond.


4. Base Layers Dial up your style in colourful tops made from sweat-wicking fabric to regulate your temperature and promote ease of movement with 4-way stretch.


5. Gloves Protect your hands from the elements with gloves offering practical features including touch screen compatible fingers so you can use your phone hassle-free.


6. Hats/scarves/headbands


Winter months can seem to last forever. Whether it’s a warm bubble bath, a new piece of kit or a clinic in your preferred discipline, a rewarding treat can lift your spirits during darker colder months. Now’s the time to plan an adventure or challenge for sunnier days, it’ll help you keep focus. Roll on the spring.